Energy Master

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The Energy Master is a digital, intelligent central heating boiler management system with built in programmer.
It is compatible with most domestic boilers including combi, condensing and back boilers using natural gas, oil
or LPG.master

The Energy Master is a highly cost effective means of providing energy efficiency. This intelligent boiler management system can reduce heating costs by up to 30%. The Energy Master uses the principle of Variable Thermal Response (VTR) and Auto Weather Compensation software to achieve it’s energy savings. Electronic sensors are fitted to the flow and return pipes of the central heating system and where required to hot water storage. An external temperature sensor is fitted for weather compensation. Information from these is used to accurately vary the system temperature output according to the demand imposed. This significantly reduces fuel wastage caused by temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger, flue losses and unnecessary boiler cycling, whilst improving internal comfort levels and reducing CO2 emissions.